Video Lesson! Rhythmic Conversions, Part 2 – Getting Creative Around the Kit

 This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the August 2016 issue, which is available here.

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop

Rhythmic Conversions

Part 2: Getting Creative Around the Kit

In this lesson, we’ll focus on variations of the converted triplet phrases from Part 1 [May 2016]. When practicing new material, I find it beneficial to explore as many different combinations as possible. By doing so, I’m more apt to apply this information in the real world outside of the practice room. In the following variations, we’ll build off of the first exercise in Part 1. Once you have control of each variation, I encourage you to apply them to the additional two-measure phrases that we previously covered.

When we converted Example 1 from Part 1 to triplets, we ended up with a two-measure phrase with accents that outline a half-note triplet.

Steve Fidyk

For the complete lesson with transcriptions, check out the August 2016 issue, which is available here.


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