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Video Demo! TRX – New DRK Series Cymbals

 This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the February 2016 issue, which is available here.

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New DRK Series Cymbals

Warm, dark, classic sounds with pre-drilled holes for rivets.

TRX has released several new options in the past year or so, including the Blends series, which was reviewed in our July 2015 issue. The company’s latest offering, the New DRK series, balances out its overall lineup nicely by offering some warm, dark, classic sounds with pre-drilled holes for rivets.

The original DRK line used an ultra-thin cast b20-plus bronze formula, along with an unlathed, natural finish, to provide dark, earthy tones. The focus of the New DRK series is to capitalize on the warmth and darkness of the original line, while providing more power and projection by offering a little more brightness and clarity.

The New DRK cymbals are still made from ultra-thin cast bronze, but now they feature a natural finish with deep lathing and heavy machine hammering. The result is subtle, dark overtones with enough brightness to cut through a mix and project in a live setting.

The set of cymbals that we received for review consisted of 14″ hi-hats ($625); 18″, 20″, and 22″ crash-rides ($425, $550, and $600); a vented 20″ Thunder crash ($550); and an 18″ China ($500). Each crash-ride and China is drilled with nine holes to accommodate the use of TRX’s removable rivets ($25 for a pack of nine).

Check out a video demo below.

Miguel Monroy

For the complete review, check out the February 2016 issue, which is available here.

Learn about the February 2016 issue of Modern Drummer featuring Adam Deitch

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