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On the Beat With Shane Wise of Five Knives: Electronic Energy

Shane Wise

Hi MD, this is a bit different! My first love is metal music, but electronic dance music, whether it’s trap, house, or techno, has always wooed me with its unique way of bringing so much energy with little to no live elements. “Turn Down for What” is by far the best example of that electronic energy, so I thought it’d be fun to do a drum cover of what I think is one of the most energetic songs of the last decade.

If you notice, I played on top of the pre-recorded track, concentrating on the rhythm of the 808s and playing my kick accordingly while using the hi-hat to follow the claps of the turn around and verses. These songs can be more difficult to play on top of than you might expect. This song was a lot of fun to play to and I hope that came across in the video. Hope you guys enjoy!



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