On the Beat With Pamela Lynn-Seraphine: Mental Fitness Through Neurodrumming Therapeutics

Pamela Lynn-Seraphine

Hello, fellow MD readers! I’m Pamela Lynn-Seraphine, world percussionist, author, educator, and founder of Neurodrumming Therapeutics. I’ve been a lifelong reader of MD, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to finally share my story. Actually, back in 2004 I was featured in the magazine as an up-and-coming drummer, but life had other plans for me first!

Like many of you, I was introduced to drums as a young kid. My life was a tumultuous struggle, and studying rhythms was my ultimate escape. It gave me an instant sense of control, empowerment, and contribution, and I have been passionately pursuing the art form ever since. I switched from being a drumset player to world percussionist after the birth of my second daughter. Essentially, the accessibility of world drumming fit into my life of parenthood and afforded me the opportunity to reach into the depths of musical diversity without the need to tour with a band. Fast forward twenty-two years and you’ll find me pursuing a master’s of science in psychology with a concentration in sports psychology. What’s that have to do with drumming? Everything!

The Drummers ManifestoLet me quickly explain. In 2008, after my appearance at the Cape Breton International Drum Festival, a devastating rotator cuff injury completely derailed my musical aspirations. I took the challenge head-on and allowed my circumstances to lead me down the path towards academia. I’ve since earned a BA in psychology, graduated magna cum laude, published a book entitled, The Drummer’s Manifesto: Empowering Your Musical Brain for Optimal Health, and created a comprehensive rhythmic brain-training program called Neurodrumming Meditation Therapy. In a nutshell, it’s an inspiring, practical, science-based program that teaches how to meditate using applied rhythmic entrainment, without the “woo-woo” often associated with contemplative practices and world hand drumming. Advertisement

I’m now moving into the next phase of my career by concentrating my efforts on becoming a certified consultant of applied sports psychology. Specializing in sports/performance psychology will allow me to use my knowledge of the brain, health, fitness, life skills, and performance skills to inspire others to achieve their seemingly impossible goals.

In 2016, I will be launching a psycho-education program called The Power Code, a rhythmic odyssey that teaches people how to leverage their POWER (Passion, Opportunity, Wisdom, Ego, and Results) to overcome adversity and develop the rock-solid confidence needed to achieve personal success in any endeavor. The power to control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is everything. Mental fitness training is where it’s at!

I’ve got to say thanks to the top three men in my corner: Dom Famularo (drumming’s global ambassador) for his continuous support, Solo Soro (master drummer, Ivory Coast) for pushing me far beyond my self-imposed limitations, and my husband Danny Seraphine (drummer extraordinaire) for his constant stream of love and inspiration. Advertisement

Check out the DVD trailer and short clip below for both Neurodrumming and the Science Behind Neurodrumming.

Until next time, stay empowered!

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