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On the Beat With Burn Halo’s John “Bad Bones??? Duarte: Talking Influences and New Album

Burn Halo’s John “Bad Bones” Duarte

Hey Modern Drummer readers! JD “Bad Bones” here, and it’s an honor to be a part of Modern Drummer magazine. It is true what they say—hard work and determination do pay off. As a young boy, drumming just came naturally to me, but of course none of it would have been possible without the support of loved ones and friends. I started out much like all of us Modern Drummers did, playing on pots and pans.

When I hit ten years of age, my parents finally came to their senses and got me my first drumset. I beat the heck out of that CB drumkit and a few years later I played my first show. Drumming has always been a good release for any situation life happens to throw at me. I can honestly say I love what I do and I do what I love.

My influences range from good old rock and roll to jazz, Latin, and even country. With the help of a few drum teachers I was able to learn what the meaning of a well-rounded drummer is. There are many styles of drumming out there and I try to take a little influence from each of them. However, rock and roll is my greatest influence.

Working with Burn Halo has been an awesome experience and I’m proud to say I am officially part of the Burn Halo family. I was really eager to get into the studio and start recording our new album, Wolves of War. With Fred Archambault producing and drummer/tech Mike Fasano by my side, tracking drums was a remarkable experience. I’m stoked for the fans to finally have something new from Burn Halo.

For more on Burn Halo, visit facebook.com/burnhalo


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