Drummer Blog: The Color Morale’s Steve Carey Visits Tracks From the Band’s Latest Record

“Outer Demons” is a very upbeat, alive and electric song for me to play on drums. It was one of the first songs we wrote for Hold On Pain Ends and the whole purpose of it was to make kids get up and jump around, so we centered the writing on those aspects for the drums. It’s very fast, intricate, and so much fun to play live. I love writing in that style because it makes the listener think, “Whoa, what just happened”? “Outer Demons” was a lot of fun to do a play-through video for because it really showcased how attentive I am to detail and hopefully it will make the listener appreciate the song even more.

Watch “Outer Demons” here:

“Suicide; Stigma” is a hardcore song that’s meant to make the listener feel like they need to get-in-the-pit and move someone. When writing this song, the point was to try and make the drums as hard hitting as possible. It’s not that crazy of a song, it’s very straight forward, but that’s the type of drumming the song required. It’s very in the pocket and follows the guitar and bass rhythm note for note. Nothing too insane but the drumming served its purpose. It was so much fun to make the play- through video for because it shows that a drummer doesn’t always have to be busy and cram a lot of fills into a song. Sometimes the drummer needs to focus on keeping time, and make sure everything hits as hard as possible and sticks to the pocket.

Watch “Suicide; Stigma” below: