Shure Microphones at NAMM 2015 (VIDEO)

In this video from NAMM 2015, Shure Incorporated’s Soren Pedersen guides us through Shure’s new products for 2015, including the new ShurePlus Motiv line of USB and iOS-compatible products and a plethora of new PGA microphones.

The MV88 is a mid-size stereo condenser microphone with a lightening connector, which fits on any new iPhone, iPad, iPod. It is hinged and can be rotated, so it can be positioned in any way you need to keep your stereo field properly aligned with the camera. There is a companion app, called the ShurePlus MOTIV, which has quick DSP controls built in that features intuitive sound controls, smart technology, and retro design.

In The PG Alta line, Shure is introducing several new mics built specifically for drums.

The PGA52 kick drum mic is ideal for low-frequency performance and recording and also works for bass amps. It also features a quick-release latch for fast and flexible positioning. Next up is the PGA98D clip-on tom condenser mic, which has a tailored frequency response. It clamps onto any rim or suspension mount and is easily positioned with the gooseneck. The PGA56 is ideal for close-miking snares and toms. The PGA57 is a redo of the PG57, and it offers a clear sound. It comes in the company’s Drum Kits, which are available in five- and seven-piece versions. Finally, the new PGA181 cardioid side-address condenser is an extremely versatile mic with smooth frequency response for vocals as well as acoustic and amplified instruments. Advertisement

The NAMM Show 2015, a trade-only event for the music products industry, was held January 22-25  in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. For information on NAMM 2015 visit the official NAMM website here. For more on Shure Microphones visit their website here.  To see other videos and coverage of NAMM 2015 from Modern Drummer click here.