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Showroom: Vic Firth 
American Classic 5A and 5B Sticks Available With Barrel Tips

Showroom: Vic Firth 
American Classic 5A Sticks With Barrel TipsShowroom: Vic Firth 
American Classic 5B Sticks Barrel Tips

The American Classic 5A Barrel measures .565″x16″ and features a proportionately barrel-shaped tip. The result is said to be a balanced stick that creates clarity with great tone. The .595″x16″ American 5B Barrel features a reduced surface area of the tip for a more focused cymbal sound.

“Creating barrel-tipped versions of our two most popular models was not a one-size-fits-all endeavor,” states Vic Firth director of education and product development, Neil Larrivee. “The design of each tip was considered individually, modifying the teardrop shape to create something appropriate and musical for each model.”


For more information, visit www.vicfirth.com.


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