Sweet Spot Clutches and Accessories Releases New Line

Sweet Spot Clutches and Accessories makes a unique line of hi-hat clutches and cymbal nuts. These high-quality pieces have been designed for function and visual appeal. The solid stainless-steel CNC-machined clutches offer custom feel and extra-thick jam nuts for easy handling with an extra-wide locking surface. An indestructible cymbal wear sleeve is included with each.

Sweet Spot Clutches and Accessories Releases New LineThe anodized, solid-aluminum cymbal nuts are also crafted by CNC machining. Offered in red, blue, silver, and black, their hex design allows for easy tightening, and the deep thread assures that they won’t strip out or come flying off during play. The cymbal nuts fit all 8mm stands and are sold in sets of three.

List price is under $29 for a set of three cymbal nuts and $35 for a clutch.


For more information, visit www.sweetspotclutches.com.