Showroom: Meinl Introduces Cajon Brush Collection and Four-Inch Kneepad

Meinl’s new cajon brush collection consists of three different pairs. The 14.25″ Classic cajon brush creates a musical spread by delivering heavy, full strokes with a slightly mellow attack. Features include a thicker set of rippled polymer bristles and wavy strands for a rich sound, two adjustable control rings, and a flexible grip.

The Retractable nylon cajon brush is ideal for players looking for a crisp sound. From light sweeping motions to full stroke backbeats, the 13.25″ brushes are said to deliver definition, clarity, and cut. The heavy-nylon wires are fully retractable into the lightweight grip.

The 13.25″ Precision cajon brush delivers a clear, pronounced sound with a warm attack and is ideal for rolls and intricate stickings at lower volume levels. The straight polymer bristles are equipped with two adjustable control rings and are held together with a flexible vinyl grip. Advertisement

The Meinl Four-Inch Kneepad can be easily mounted on top of the knee with the adjustable strap and is said to have a quiet sound and realistic response. This compact and lightweight pad is ideal for drummers on the go.


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