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Sabian Relauches Set-Up Builder at Cymbalsetup.com

Sabian Relauches Set-Up Builder at Cymbalsetup.com

Sabian’s new Set-Up Builder allows users to build as many kits as they like, listen to high-quality sound samples, and easily share configurations. Sabian endorsers can also create their own setups and have them automatically updated to their profile pages on Sabian’s website.

According to Sabian online marketing coordinator Katie Bursey, “Building a setup, keeping it up-to-date, and sharing on social media is a great way to stay in touch with drummers everywhere. And with our new, high-quality Sabian sound samples, it’s also a great way to try new cymbals before you buy; the new builder allows you to hear how they blend with your current setup.”


For more information, visit www.cymbalsetup.com.


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