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Crash ’N Flash Introduces DMX Concert Pro Stage Lighting System

The Crash ’N Flash DMX Concert Pro Stage Lighting System features a foot switch/stomp button with standby/power and system active/blackout indicator LEDs to depict system mode while offering complete control of the lighting effect. The foot switch is capable of sending out an industry standard 512 address data command to the DMX LED light fixture. Lighting fixtures set to the same address are said to respond within milliseconds conjunctively. The system commands any size DMX LED lighting and a multitude of high-powered LED fixtures. The CNF DMX controller sends data to control with up to thirty-two fixtures per data link. The foot switch/DMX controller also has 4.25″ mono Switchcraft trigger inputs allowing at least four triggers, or more simultaneously with standard Y splitters. The CNF trigger system boasts a longer wand to take advantage of the adjustable mounting bracket, retains10 million-plus activation capabilities, is virtually unbreakable from overextending, and is road and concert ready. The CNF DMX unit is powered by a standard 9-volt DC power supply for easy replacement and is voltage adaptable.

Present Crash ’N Flash owners can upgrade to the new DMX system with an adapter cable to connect the trigger to the DMX lighting control module.

For more information, visit www.crashnflash.com.

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