Finnish-Made Kumu Drums Now Available in the US

Founded in 1984, Kumu Drums offers handmade shells from 6″ to 28″. Made of top-quality Finnish birch, the four different shell thicknesses include the Original, which is the foundation of the “Kumu Sound” and features 4-ply shells with 2-ply SoulRings; the Original 5-ply bass drum with SoulRings; and the Original 4-ply snare with 4-ply SoulRings. Additional drums include the 6-ply “66” toms and snares, the 7-ply “77” bass drum, and the 9-ply “99,” which s available on all drums.

Kumu’s latest shell model, the VintageFlat, features wide and almost flat bearing edges and a very thin shell. The sound is said to be extremely warm and not too loud.

Two wood hoop models+, the ClassicWoodHoop (with claws), and the thicker and wider SuperWoodHoop are also available. Finish options include the SatinSound, a satin oil-wax, and the GlossTone, a hand-polished lacquer. Lug models include the D lug with wood stripe, the chrome D lug, and the F lug.


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