Simmons Introduces Stryke6 iPad Drum Controller

The new Stryke6 is an iPad controller that delivers a tactile playing experience in a compact, tabletop design. Equipped with six velocity-sensitive pads plus two foot pedals for kick and hi-hat control, the laptop-sized Stryke6 is ideal for on-the-go playing, portable practice, and other times when a full kit is not a viable option.

Using the free Simmons Stryke Drums app, the Stryke6 connects to an iPad for an immediate, out-of-the-box playing experience, including a wide range of sounds. Connect via USB to any computer to trigger music production applications and sample programs.

“Stryke6 is a great vehicle for drummers who need a way to practice their instrument that’s portable, compact, economical, and quiet,” says Simmons product manager, Jim Norman.

With color-coded pads and intuitive app-based tutorials, Stryke6 is also an ideal vehicle for students and beginning drummers. The Stryke Drums app (available for free from the Apple App Store) offers an interactive, videogame–type environment that provides beginning drummers with a powerful and versatile learning tool. Advertisement

The Stryke6 control surface features six drum pads, each with colored LED light rings, along with kick drum and hi-hat pedals that map to standard MIDI drum pad protocols found in most samplers and computer music applications. Drumsticks are included, and Stryke6 is equipped with connections for Lightning and 30-pin iPads, as well as a USB port.

“With Stryke6, drummers and hobbyists can play or practice virtually anywhere they can take an iPad,” says Norman. “With a host of sounds courtesy of the Stryke Drums app, Stryke6 is the only totally portable iPad-based solution for drummers looking for a realistic setup for playing, recording, and practicing.”

List price is $129.99.


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