Anup Sastry Videos: “Ephemeral??? and “The Escape??? by Intervals

Anup Sastry Videos:
“Ephemeral??? and “The Escape??? by Intervals

Intervals drummer Anup Sastry, who we profile in the July 2014 of Modern Drummer magazine—get it here—was kind enough to share two exclusive play-along tracks with us. “Writing drums for Intervals is a lot of fun,” says Anup. “Guitarist Aaron Marshall is also an amazing drummer, and he approaches a lot of the rhythm parts on guitar in a very percussive way. So it’s easy for me to pick out certain melodic runs and mimic them on the drumkit, and I do my best to highlight key notes or stabs as well. In a way, I’m playing the guitar on the drums—and I’m sure the guitar players could say the same thing, vice versa! It allows for us to create a very nice connection, or bond, between melody and rhythm. Also, I feel like this has helped me become a better songwriter because of how it makes me think of all of the other instruments in a song, as supposed to just what’s going on percussively.”