Ray Luzier Video: <br>KXM’s “Gun Fight???

Korn’s Ray Luzier has been focusing of late on the group KXM, which also features guitarist George Lynch and bassist dUg Pinnick. Here Luzier gives us some exclusive background on the group’s latest single, “Gun Fight.”

“It was a complete blast writing and recording this KXM CD,” says Ray. “We would write one tune a day and then track the drums live at the end of the session. I’d do maybe three takes, tops. We wanted the album to be very live sounding and not too thought out or over-produced.

“The intro of ‘Gun Fight’ is actually a warm-up pattern that I do a lot,” Ray continues. “It started out in 4/4, with the snare and kicks answering each other. Then I started messing with it in 3/4 and 5/4. On ‘Gun Fight,’ it has a three-against-four feel, but in 3/4 time. (I’m a huge fan of 3/4 and 6/8 tunes.) From there I just copied the riff that George had in the verse on my toms, putting the snare hits on 2, and then I improvised the intro pattern when it returns, orchestrating various tom and snare combos. Advertisement

In the chorus, I just planted four on the floor with the kicks, but I play some wacky snare fills over the bar and in not so normal or predictable spots. I like weird stuff like that—but ya gotta keep it grooving all the time!

“This album has the loudest drum mix that I’ve ever had in my career—hope you guys dig it!”


To watch the video for “Gun Fight,” click here or look below.  To see the video for the band’s song “Rescue Me,” go here.  To purchase KXM’s self-titled debut, go here.  And to check out some behind-the-scenes footage with band, go to RatPak Records’ YouTube channel.