Check Out These Cool Stave, Aluminum, Ash, Steel, and Signature Snares From Gretsch!

The new Gold series ZigZag stave snare features individual vertical staves with hand-laid, alternating layers of maple and walnut in a satin finish, with the rhomboid shape of each piece creating an interlocking pattern. The thick, hybrid shell on the ZigZag snare drum is cut with a 45-degree bearing edge and features chrome appointments, including a fully adjustable side-pull throw-off and brass tube-lugs. This 6.5×14 drum lists for $1,379.99.

The new Barn Board stave snare is assembled with .875″-thick vertical interlocking maple staves and is finished in Weathered Brown or Weathered White Wash. Chrome 3.0mm triple-flange hoops sit on 45-degree bearing edges. List price is $920.99.

The new Gretsch Gold series 6.5×14 aluminum wood-hoop snare features a natural brushed aluminum finish. The shell is capped with 13-ply rock-maple beveled hoops. List price is $770.99.

The Silver series ash snare is said to have a responsive, complex sound. The distinct ash grain is accentuated with a Natural Satin finish. Silver series ash snares are available in 7×13 and 6.5×14 sizes and list for $305.99. Advertisement

The Brooklyn series now includes a chrome-over-steel snare featuring a knurled 2.0mm-thick chrome-plated steel shell, highly polished chrome lugs, and 3.0mm double-flanged hoops. The drum is available in five sizes: 5×10 ($385.99), 6×12 ($399.99), 7×13 ($430.99), 5.5×14 ($430.99), and 6.5×14 ($465.99).

The 6.5×14 Stephen Ferrone signature snare is shaped from beaded, seamless aluminum. This drum is fitted with 2.3mm triple-flange hoops and is finished in Satin Titanium. List price is $615.99.


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