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John Blackwell Online Drum Lesson

John Blackwell Online Drum Lesson

John Blackwell, the sound behind Prince for twelve years, will be joining Drumeo.com on March 24 for a free online drum lesson, entitled “Drumming Discipline & Improvisation,” starting at 4pm PDT. The lesson will be broadcasted over the Internet, and students can submit questions for John and chat with one another during the event.

“John is one of the most awe-inspiring drummers in the world,” says Drumeo community manager, Dave Atkinson. “And this is an awesome opportunity for drummers of all levels to learn from one of the best on topics that are vital to any musician’s success.”

John Blackwell is a contemporary R&B, funk, jazz, fusion, and pop drummer who has played with Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy, and Patti LaBelle, and is best known for his twelve years working with Prince. He is renowned for his tight grooves, drumstick twirling, and crossover strokes, and will be sharing his best tips on discipline and improvisation during this free online drum lesson.

Drumeo.com offers unique training solutions for drummers, including an online membership program with daily live lessons from over twenty different instructors and DVD-based training packs. Drumeo is designed to provide inspiration, education, and community support for drummers who want to improve their skills, have more fun playing the drums, and achieve their musical goals.


Sign-up for the free John Blackwell lesson at drumeo.com/johnblackwell.


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