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Jack Irons’ Earthquake Live Drum Video


“The idea behind this video,” says Jack Irons, who can be heard on the self-titled album by Arthur Channel, “was to film actual performances of a few tracks that were arranged for a live show. (I have yet to do one with my solo music.) I would record and mix them properly and have a reference for the live show. Three of the tracks turned out well enough to release, so those three songs, along with some unreleased music dating back to 1995 and a few new things, make for an album’s worth of material. As a look at everything I’ve done solo-wise through the years, it all seems to work well together—a retrospective of sorts. I’m doing all the production on this one, with the exception of the tracks that were mixed back in their day. The video was done on an iPhone effected with an app. The record should be out sometime at the beginning of this year.”


For more on Jack Irons, go to jackirons.com.


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