Lance Garvin from Living Sacrifice

Drummer Lance Garvin from Living Sacrifice, Photo by Jeremiah Scott

Hello metal heads, I’m Lance Garvin from Living Sacrifice. I will start out by saying how grateful I am to my parents for showing interest in me and everything I believed in, and to my wife for her patience and support. Also, to all of our friends and fans that have stuck with us—you rule!

It’s amazing to still be able to do something that I love after all these years. I actually wanted to be Ace Frehley of Kiss when I was five years old. Their 1976 Destroyer album is what turned me into a metal head. It has been all uphill/downhill from there.

Drums have got me in trouble, kept me out of trouble. Caused people to despise me and love me. Helped me to make lifelong friends. Made it possible for me to travel to different parts of the world. Gave me a job and the ability to make money. Helped me to lose jobs and my shirt. Drums give me an outlet when I’m frustrated and want to explode. They help me express what’s inside of me without saying a word. They connect me with people I don’t know and will never meet. They encourage me and help me to encourage others. They helped me to impress my wife—ha! Advertisement

Drums have been my best friend and my worst enemy. They give me something to look forward to and dread. They have played a key role in most every part of my life, even meeting God. They make me want to quit and never quit. Drums make me cheer and raise my fist in the air, especially when my drum heroes/friends pull off amazing death-defying performances. And now, as a dad, I feel proud when my daughters show interest in playing. Drums—I love them…I hate them.


All of these facets were poured into our new album Ghost Thief.

Buy it. Burn it. Either way, give it a spin.


Thanks. MeTaL!


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