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Ray Ayotte Returns to Ayotte Drums After Fifteen Years

Ray Ayotte Returns to Ayotte Drums After Fifteen Years

Ayotte Drums is proud to announce that Ray Ayotte has returned to the company he founded thirty years ago. In his new role, as ambassador to the Ayotte brand, Ray Ayotte will also be involved in product development and marketing. “Ray Ayotte’s impact in the world of drum-making is immense,” says Jean-Denis Beaudoin, owner of Ayotte Drums. “We now have the opportunity to bridge the Ray Ayotte–era with the new era for Ayotte Drums. We are very proud he’s come home.”

“I am stoked,” said Ray. “When I step into the Ayotte Drums booth at the 2014 NAMM in January, it will have been fifteen years since the last time. This interim has provided me the opportunity for rich experience, which I would not have been able to attain any other way. I can bring more now to Ayotte Drums than ever before. I have been to the factory in Bedford a few times and very much like what I see. Jean-Denis has assembled a solid, enthusiastic team capable of making world-class drums and drumsticks.”


For more about the recent history of Ayotte Drums, visit https://app.box.com/s/2z5ma8n62ji95g9qpwn8.


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