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VIDEO! Strictly Technique: Hairtas (June 2010 Issue)

by Bill Bachman

The “hairta” isn’t one of the PAS forty rudiments, but it’s an extremely useful rudiment. Technically speaking, it’s very simple to play. All of the strokes should be played as relaxed free strokes (or full or legato strokes) where the sticks rebound back up all by themselves much like dribbling a basketball. The challenge is to play them perfectly relaxed with accurate rhythmic placement and good flow, especially when you move the rudiment to different positions rhythmically and/or change hands. The reason hairtas are tricky is that the two hands play different parts: one hand plays double strokes while the opposite hand plays consistent single strokes. If you have good control of the single-stroke and double-stroke roll, then your hands are trained with the necessary hand motions. The challenge will now be the coordination and mentally understanding exactly what each hand does in order to properly apply those hand motions.


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