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Philly Drum Project Welcomes the Flight Drum Tour

Philly Drum Project Welcomes the Flight Drum Tour

The Flight Drum Tour will present a drum clinic featuring artists Derek Palizay and Maison Guidry on August 5 at 7 pm at 2222 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Tickets are $8 online or $10 at the door.

Flight Drummers is a drumming education company that specializes in teaching drums online and during the Flight Drum Tour. The Flight Drum Tour is a group of world-class drummers that teamed up together to bring inspiration, education, and drums to the masses. They have the desire to promote positivity and a sound mind to musicians worldwide.

Philly Drum Project is a percussive collective dedicated to sharing gear, lessons, beats, and gigs, while emphasizing creativity, education, and community.

drummer Derek Palizay     drummer Derek Palizay

For tickets and directions, visit: flightdrummers.com/fdt-2013-philadelphia.

For more information, visit www.phillydrumproject.com or follow on twitter @PhillyDrum.


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