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Bon Jovi’s Tico Torres Visits Modern Drummer Online, Part 3

For the third and final segment of Modern Drummer’s Web exclusive interview with Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres and his longtime drum tech, JD Derosz, the two talk about the transducer drum seat, playing in a band, spending time with family, being on the board for the Amazon Conservation Team, and listening to Tower of Power and Frank Zappa.

“Your playing is molded by who you listen to and who you hang out with,” Torres says. “[People] would tell me, ‘You’re not the most technical guy, but you have feel.’ Always play for the song and follow the lead vocal. Sometimes simplicity is genius.”

Bon Jovi is currently on the Because We Can worldwide tour promoting the band’s latest release, What About Now. For dates and more info, visit www.BonJovi.com.


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