Freddy the Flying Drummer

Jools Bee of EpicTV, an online extreme-sports media service, recently hipped us to a pretty radical drummer. We’ll let her explain.

Anyone can play air guitar. Put on a pair of skinny jeans, stick a blonde wig à la pre-chest-wax Bon Jovi on your head, down some liquor, strum away, and there you have it, you’re a guitar hero. Drums, however…

Yeah, so you can wave your arms like a maniac as if you were playing QOTSA’s “A Song for the Dead,” but really, unless you know what you’re doing, air drumming just kind of looks like you’re having an epileptic fit. One guy who’s taken it seriously is Freddy Montigny. He’s not in a famous band, he’s not signed to any labels, he’s just a guy who loves his drums. And big mountains. And canyons. And hucking himself off buildings, and planes, and cliffs, and hanging off skylines. Which is exactly what we’re into at EpicTV. Our days are spent watching, shooting, and reporting on the fraction of the population that is missing the fear gene, the wingsuit pilots who fly three meters above ground surface, the climbers who summit 8,000-meter peaks without oxygen, the snowboarders who stomp double corks on an Alaskan steep. So when we came across Freddy’s video on Facebook, we felt we needed to get him over to Chamonix, France, where we’re based, to answer the one question on the team’s lips: Who does that?

You’ve seen flying spiders, people flying over Rio di Janeiro, drunk idiots who thought they could fly. But this is probably a first: a flying drummer. Let’s not spoil the video by telling you more, but here’s what you should know: This is just the beginning of what Freddy wants to accomplish. Next on his checklist is a drum skydive—you know, where someone jumps off a plane and flies down for a bit, then opens his parachute and lands, and everybody’s stoked that they made it. Additionally, Freddy is quietly seeking bandmates to play his first proper air gig, so any talented musicians out there who think that they can keep the content of their stomach where it belongs, don’t be shy, get in touch. If your skills won’t make you famous, your guts might. Advertisement

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