Product Close-Up: Crescent Cymbals

May 2013

Product Close-Up

Crescent Cymbals

An Assorted Selection

by Michael Dawson

Crescent Cymbals Vanguard Crash 18

Crescent Cymbals Vintage 20

Crescent is a new brand created by Cymbal Masters, a company comprising the well-known drummers Jeff Hamilton and Stanton Moore and industry veterans Michael Vosbein and Bill Norman. According to Vosbein, Crescent cymbals, “combine dark, complex resonance with lightning-quick responsiveness. We refer to this as our DNA—Dynamic Nuanced Approach—which is an essential element in every cymbal we make.” MD was sent a wide array of models to check out, including Classic and Eon series crashes, a Primal series ride, Vintage and Vanguard crashes and rides, and rides, hi-hats, and effects cymbals from the Hammertone and Stanton Moore series.

Click below to hear samples of the various series, and be sure to check out the complete review in the May 2013 issue of Modern Drummer for a more extensive report.

Classic | Download


Vanguard | Download


Hammertone | Download


Eon | Download


Primal | Download


Stanton Moore | Download


Vintage | Download