Kiel Feher of Satellite

Kiel Feher of SatelliteThe greatest music comes from a fearless love and connection to those around you. There must be trust, love, and support, like in any good relationship, for a musical experience to thrive. There are exceptions to this, but there’s a joy unlike no other when that bond exists with and without your instruments.

Satellite is the first band I’ve been a member of in seven years. Making records and being a successful sideman has always been the most fulfilling experience for me and is what I was always working toward. I came into Satellite the same way I do when I’m working with any new songwriter or band: Memorize the material the best you can, honor the parts on the record, and let your instincts and style shine through.

The first rehearsal with Satellite felt like coming home. It was one of the most welcoming, honest, and inspiring moments I’ve had musically and personally. It reenergized my desire to create and to take more responsibility for contributing my own music to the world. Having fallen in love with so much music over the years, it’s easy to become complacent with playing the same material with the same people for extended periods of time. My appetite for new music and meeting new people is insatiable, but there’s a really surreal thing that happens when you’re with the right people over time. We’ve all felt it sooner or later, and they are the people I’ll work to keep in my life forever. Advertisement

It’s the quest that goes far beyond having the best toolbox of fills and techniques. Finding your voice, expressing yourself honestly, listening and supporting those who you’re with on and off stage—that is what will create the best and most honest art.

Satellite released its debut record this past March 5, 2013, courtesy of Descendent Records/Sony. We’ll be on the road throughout the year. Thank you to the companies I proudly endorse: Craviotto drums and Istanbul Agop cymbals.


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