Zildjian K Constantinople 22″ Renaissance and 20″ Bounce Rides

Zildjian K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 22 Modern Drummer

Developed in conjunction with the renowned jazz drummer Adam Nussbaum, the 22″ K Constantinople Renaissance ride features smoother lathing on both sides and a bell that’s unlathed underneath to add stick definition. Three rows of overhammering and four large hammer clusters give this medium-thin cymbal a dark spread and a bit of trashiness.

The 20″ K Constantinople Bounce ride is a smaller version of the popular 22″ model launched two years ago. Like the 22″ cymbal, which was developed in conjunction with jazz great Kenny Washington, the 20″ Bounce ride is medium-thin in weight and features traditional K Constantinople hammering and eight unique cluster hammer marks on top. The 20″ model has more pronounced lathing and tonal grooves to produce a darker wash and sustain.

Zildjian K Constantinople Bounce Ride 22 Modern Drummer 225