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There for Tomorrow’s Chris Kamrada


Chris Kamrada, an independent touring and studio drummer who also plays in the band There for Tomorrow, recently began filming drum videos for his personal YouTube channel. “I’ve always had the idea of recording professional-quality videos,” Kamrada says. “Capturing up-close-and-personal energetic drumming was a dream. I love seeing my favorite drummers in that element. It helps me understand more of what a percussionist is doing in the back. With this whole uprising of YouTube and new technology, it’s been obtainable to create my own videos.

“My first video was a drum remix for the Skrillex song ‘Summit,’” Kamrada continues. “I’ve been a fan of electronic music and dubstep since long before people were winning Grammys for it. There for Tomorrow actually released a remix EP, Re:Creations, in 2010. We experimented by putting our rock music together with electronic/dubstep programming. It was extremely fun to write and record those tracks. With that I found a new love, playing live drums along with electronic music. The tempo of most electro music—130–140 bpm—is very fun to play along to. And there’s a certain balance between ambient tones and high-energy beats that I love. Now that I have some time off tour, I’m jumping right into more drum videos. I’m really only getting started!”

Watch more of Kamrada’s drum videos at youtube.com.

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