Sam Scranton of volcano!

Drummer Sam Scranton of volcano!

Hello. I’m Sam Scranton. I play drums in the band volcano! I’m here to tell you about our upcoming album, Piñata (to be released on June 12 via the Leaf Label), and to discuss a tension central to percussion performance practice in the rock ’n’ roll idiom.

Here’s the tension: Drummers want nice stuff to play, but drummers have to play hard, and as such, drummers break their nice stuff. For Christmas I received a 24″ Zildjian K Constantinople ride. It is both beautiful to behold and to hear. However, I now play my drums in constant fear that the best thing I own, my cymbal, will crack and turn into a piece of garbage. My solution to this problem has been to play with the theatricality of loud drumming, but with less of the bashing. But what can one do after a couple of whiskeys?!? It’s hard not to play with all that one’s got! For example, the other day my enthusiasm got the best of my bass drum head. I looked down in the middle of a song to discover a cavernous wound. That’s fine, but now my drumset is like Agatha Christie—who’s gonna get killed next?

On volcano!’s upcoming release, Piñata, you will be able to hear my garbage-y busted gear. Don’t worry, it all sounds great because we worked with highly skilled engineers and musician-professionals to polish my garbage up to a super high-gloss. But listen closely, my early-’90s Zildjian ride that I use as a crash has cracks in it. You can hear them. I use guitarist/singer Aaron With’s mom’s old carry-on luggage as a hardware bag because my stuff is all torn. That is inaudible and you won’t be able to tell unless you see me at a show. But again, it just goes to illustrate my point that things are always broken. Advertisement

To conclude: volcano!’s album, Piñata, comes out June 4 on the Leaf Label. It features eponymous single, “Piñata.” I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my formulation of the double bind in which all modern drummers find themselves. On a positive note, this double-bind doesn’t have to hold us forever. Rather, I believe it suggests the way forward for the whole of rock music. I predict that by 2020 all rock music will be about 20 db quieter. Let us use this double bind to set the music free.


Kind Regards,

Sam Scranton


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