Edu Cominato

Drummer Edu Cominato BlogHello, everybody! My name is Edu Cominato, and I’m a Brazilian drummer. In 2009 I had the privilege to be invited to join Jeff Scott Soto’s band, and I’ve been having a blast since then.  In that year we did a full European/South American tour with more than twenty-five shows. In one of them we shot the live DVD One Night In Madrid.

2010 was a historical year for me. Ever since I was a little kid, all my idols used to play Paiste cymbals. In 2010, I finally got an endorsement deal with Paiste, a dream come true for me.

This year I have a lot of things going on: I wrote two songs and played four on the upcoming Jeff Scott Soto album, Damage Control, which will be released in March by Frontiers Records. In addition to that, there is the new album by my band Remove Silence, which is coming out this year. Our first album got a Grammy nomination consideration last year, and we hope that this one overcomes the expectations. I am also still touring with my other band, R4, all over the country.

The Damage Control world tour starts in the fall, and I hope to see you all on the road. This will be a busy year!

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