Fidock Blackwood Snares

Fidock blackwood snare drum


Die-Cast, Wood Hoop, and Slotless Blackwood Snare Drums

by David Ciauro

Australian drumsmith Stephan Fidock’s handcrafted pieces are the drumming equivalent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, in that they embody the beauty of the environment from which they came. Fidock builds functional works of art that have a unique sound. In the April 2012 issue of Modern Drummer, we  look at three blackwood stave snares: a 6×13 with matching counterhoops, a 5 1/2×14 with die-cast hoops, and a 6 1/2×14 with the company’s new “slotless” hoops. Below are recordings of each drum.

6×13 Blackwood Snare With Matching Counterhoops


5 1/2×14 Blackwood Snare With Die-Cast Hoops


6 1/2×14 Blackwood Snare With Slotless Counterhoops


The complete review of these Fidock snare drums is in the April 2012 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.