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Souhail Kaspar to Teach at the Mendocino Folklore Camp

Souhail Kaspar has been invited to teach drum and rhythm & movement with the Ziva Emtiyaz at this year’s Mendocino Folklore Camp.  They would love to see for their  first-time appearance at this camp, where you can learn about beautiful music and dance from all over the world.  Part of the uniqueness of the Mendocino Folklore Camp is that you learn odd and even rhythms from different regions of the world.  This is Souhail Kaspar’s first time teaching after being at the Middle East camp for 21 years.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and experience a different atmosphere.

Mendocino Folklore CampMendocino Folklore Camp

50TH Anniversary (1962 – 2012)

World Dance & Music Workshops & Folklore Celebrations
JUNE 30 – JULY 7, 2012

Our 2012 Teachers
ŽELJKO JERGAN (Croatian Dance)

ZIVA EMTIYAZ (Middle Eastern Dance)

And direct from Greece:
+ Dance Workshop Classes w/Staff Teachers

Chris & Lynnanne Miller
HUNGARIAN – Kalotaszegi Invertita, Men’s Legenyes
AMERICAN – Balboa Swing
50th Anniversary Tribute Dance Classes
(Special classes honoring dances of past Folklore Camp directors)

Billy Burke – Dances of C.Stewart Smith (SCOTTISH),

Madelyn Green (INTERNATIONAL), and Gordon Engler (BALKAN).

Dave & Emma Charlebois – Dances of Nancy


Russell Linscott – Dances of Dean Linscott
(INTERNATIONAL- “Kopachka Favorites”)
Special Dance Workshops

Souhail Kaspar & Ziva Emtiyaz –
EGYPTIAN – rhythm & movement for Raqs Al-Sharqi

Ensembles (All are welcome to join in)

& RUTH HUNTER (Greek Band)
ERIK HOFFMAN (Contra Band)
LILLA SERLEGI (Tamburitza Orchestra)

Instruments (All are Beg. / Int. classes)
BILL COPE (Bulgarian & Macedonian TAMBURA)
SOUHAIL KASPAR (Darabuka or Doumbek)

Singing (Mixed Levels)
RUTH HUNTER (Balkan & Greek Choral)
MICHELE SIMON (Vocal Tech / Macedonian)

Special Music Workshops
Alan Keith – Traditional French Band (a 2013
preview class)
Miamon Miller – Hungarian Ensemble Jam

Becky Ashenden & Miamon Miller (co-directors)
Paul Brown, Bill Cope and Chuck Corman
with Souhail Kaspar, Erik Hoffman, Michele Simon,
The Govetas Family, Lilla Serlegi, Feri Tobak & Friends

Nightly Dance Parties with LIVE MUSIC
DISCOUNTS For Groups and First Time Campers

For more information and details go to www.mendocinofolklorecamp.com.

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