Josh Garza with Electric Flower

Josh Garza with Electric FlowerMy name is Josh Garza. I play with the Secret Machines and I have also started a new project called Electric Flower. I always considered TSM a “space-rock” band, following in the footsteps of acts like Brian Eno, La Dusseldorf, Can, and early Flaming Lips. I gravitate towards playing heavy motorik beats with a splash of Zeppelin groove.

At this point I’m focusing my energy on Electric Flower. I still get to play as hard as ever, and the music is most definitely still “left of center.” I consider this band to be more of a “psych-rock band.” What’s the difference? None. I think it’s cool to just be in a new music genre since it’s a new project, but I do think Electric Flower is a more blues-rock-based thing with ambient experimentalism sprinkled on top and then dragged through the desert…or something like that.

The sound I like to go for is a max-min thing—simple beats played hard and loud, with much usage of the room mics to pick up the natural feel of how I play. Tama made me a 28″ Starclassic maple kick drum, which produces a ton of overtones. This is not the “in” sound today, but it sets me apart. I also love my 24″ A Zildjian Medium ride, which gets super loud with nice long sustain. Advertisement

I think it’s important to have a sound and not just a style. You have to be good, but you also have to be yourself. One without the other is only a talented wanker.

Stay focused, and good luck.

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