The New Frontier for Drumset by Marko Djordjevic

The New Frontier for Drumset
by Marko Djordjevic

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Serbian drummer/clinician Marko Djordjevic delivers a fascinating guide to understanding and applying subdivisions within drumset improvisation. His method involves several intricate steps, each connected to certain parts of the kit (kick, snare, hats) and different subdivisions (from 8th notes through septuplets and beyond). Once readers have internalized the patterns, they are encouraged to move on to the more advanced material by distributing their hand strokes across the entire drumset. Along the way, Djordjevic touches on linear playing, odd times, and phrasing over the barline. Certainly not for the beginner, The New Frontier addresses the often sought-after need to expand our rhythmic vocabulary in challenging but tangible ways. Taking what’s here and building on it should be a satisfying first step. (Alfred) Ilya Stemkovsky