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Ahead XT Snare Drums

The new XT snare drums from Ahead are handcrafted in the USA from extra-thin, exotic wood shells. The 6×14 drums are now available in a selection of sustainable hardwoods, including American black cherry, African mahogany, and Bolivian rosewood. The XT’s proprietary shell design uses three thin plies of eco-harvested, hand-selected wood that are carefully sliced from a single board and assembled in a staggered-seam configuration using the veneers’ natural sequence and grain orientation. The result is a thin (4 mm) yet strong drum shell.

Each XT snare is outfitted with Fat Cat snare wires, a Dunnett R4 throw-off, S-Hoop counterhoops, Brunson ball-in-socket lugs, TightScrew tension rods, and Remo Ambassador drumheads and is finished with a fine satin lacquer.

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