Slightly Offbeat: Buddy Rich, Meet Eric Fischer

In the April 2010 issue of Modern Drummer the latest installment of our Slightly Offbeat column features Michigan drummer Eric Fischer, who’s found a creative, entertaining, and educational way to pay tribute to the incredible Buddy Rich. Using video of Rich’s solos on the tunes “The Trombone Man Is The Best Man In The Band” (1941, from the film Las Vegas Nights) and “Not So Quiet Please” (1948), both with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Fischer transcribed the drum parts, overlaid MIDI sequences of his transcriptions against the footage to check his work, and then filmed himself playing the solos. Finally he put it all together in fascinating sequences that include split-screen match-ups between the two drummers.

But don’t let us spoil the surprise any further—watch the clips here. And when you’re ready to step into Buddy’s shoes yourself, check out Fischer’s transcriptions of the two solos (you’ll find a link below each video box). Warning: Start very slowly…

The Trombone Man Is The Best Man In The Band (PDF)

Not So Quiet Please



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