Colbie Caillat’s Craig Macintyre

Craig Macintyre of Colbie Caillat : Modern DrummerHello, MD readers, this is Craig Macintyre from Los Angeles. It’s been an exciting year so far, as I’ve joined up with mega singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat.

I’m heading to NYC to promote her new album, Breakthrough, with an appearance on the Today Show. Then I’ll be heading back to L.A. to play on the Tonight Show. The new single we’re promoting is called “Falling For You,” and I never get tired of playing it–it’s that good!

We also have an American tour starting September 15 in San Diego, and I’ve been picking out a new DW Classic series kit for the tour, which has been fun and has probably cut into my sleep time because I’ll obsess. Well, I guess I just love my job. This time I want the drums to have a rootsy vibe (9×13, 16×16, 14×22,) with a broken-glass sparkle finish. Mainly I wanted a kit that’s “timeless.”

Hope to see some of you at a show, please come say hi!

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