Steve Holmes: Angular House Of Drumming

Steve Holmes : Modern DrummerLos Angeles–based drummer Steve Holmes started the Vinnie Colaiuta/Dave Weckl fan site several years ago because, as he puts it, “They’ve shown me what it sounds like to obtain freedom on the instrument.”

Consequently, Holmes has earned an honorable reputation in the drumming community, hosting a popular drum forum that’s frequented by major players from all musical genres. “It’s true that drummers are, in large part, unselfish and eager to share,” he says. “I’ve learned a great deal by staying involved in HOD. I’d like to see it grow while maintaining a high level of intelligent and open-minded conversation. I also want to finally get around to selling HOD T-shirts!”

An in-demand educator, Holmes is known for dissecting advanced concepts, as illustrated by his popular instructional DVD, Shed Some Light. “The video features useful hand exercises that helped me early on,” he says. “It also addresses the application of technique to overall groove and musicality, including some soloing ideas.” Advertisement

The drummer’s fusion trio, Altered, recently released a new CD, Angular. “Altered pushes me outside my comfort zone, teaches me when to speak up and when to get out of the way, and gives me a chance to construct solos over forms and vamps,” Holmes says. “Creating drum parts while making them feel good is my biggest challenge.”

Mike Haid