Joachim Cooder of Hello Stranger

Drummer Joachim CooderFor Joachim Cooder, this is a very exciting time in the life of Hello Stranger, a group he started several years ago with bandmate Juliette Commagere. They’re finishing up their second record with Mike Elizondo at the helm, and they’ve recently completed a tour opening for The Foo Fighters. “It’s been the most mind-blowing experience ever,” Cooder admits. “It’s definitely a dream come true, playing shows on this level. Their crowd really appreciated us.”

Songwriting is a very important aspect for Joachim in Hello Stranger, and he’s very excited about the direction the album is taking. “Mike Elizondo has played bass with my dad [famed roots rock guitarist Ry Cooder], and I’ve always been a big fan of his. Over the years I would give him stuff that we had written. We did this song called ‘Grab It!,’ which I just knew he’d like. Sure enough, Mike got right back to me and said, ‘Let’s work on this.’ We had a great time doing that song, and from there we started making a record at his studio.

“Drumming-wise,” Joachim continues, “I think it’s just about being supportive of the songs and of Juliette, our singer. If you’re a band with songs and a singer, it’s about that. I’m not really a flashy drummer. I’m all about being steady, providing a big foundation, and supporting the dynamics of the songs.” Advertisement

Robyn Flans

This is an excerpt from the article appearing the September 2008 issue of Modern Drummer.