Rich Scannella with John Eddie

Drummer Rich Scannella with John EddieWhat’s up, MD readers! First time writing in on the MD blog, but I’m a life long reader: I’ve been getting MD in the mail since the December 1980 Buddy Revisited issue! I wanted to share some info on my gig, playing with singer-songwriter John Eddie.

John’s been around since the early ’80s on a bunch of different record companies, and has had a who’s who of drummers go through his band, both live and in the studio. Check out this list: Kenny Aronoff, Shawn Pelton, Max Weinberg, and Louie Appel, just to name a few. John’s songs are roots-flavored rock with some alt-country “twang” mixed in. My role in the band is to play stripped back, straight ahead, and slammin’ hard! That said, I also have moments of playing at a whisper with brushes and Blast Sticks, which makes the whole experience fun. It’s also a challenge to adjust from smaller clubs to big rooms.

The band is constantly touring the USA and abroad, and we just got back from a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. Although, not all our gigs are in such exotic locals; we also play our share of out-of-the way roadhouses, dive bars, and otherwise “off-niters” that make up the life of a touring musician. However, we do play some really choice gigs as well, like the two times we’ve gigged at the Playboy Mansion–not a bad day at work! In the end, a gig’s a gig, and I’m happy to be out there working with a great band and great players. Advertisement

The band is always playing in new places, and we love getting out and meeting new fans and fellow musicians. Be sure to check out our schedule at for more info. And feel free to drop me a line at my personal site,

That’s it for now. Se you out on the road!