Johnny Vidacovich

Johnny VidacovichJohnny Vidacovich is one of a rare breed of musicians whose individual sound is so unique, it’s instantly identifiable. He’s among an even rarer breed who are able to convey their knowledge to students. Johnny’s drumming and music has brought joy and inspiration to countless music fans, and he has influenced hordes of drummers and students over several decades.

Johnny’s house is the place where I, Kevin O’Day, Brian Blade, and many other drummers learned many of our most important musical lessons. That house is now in need of serious repair. The only way for Johnny to pay for the repairs is to play more gigs. The catch is, he’s developing arthritis in his right thumb. I’ve been getting the word out in the drum community that he’s teaching more now at the house. I’ve also been raising funds and awareness online so he doesn’t have to play every gig that comes his way and he can give his thumb some time to rest. You can read more and contribute by clicking here:


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