Mark Dodge of The Leslie Pintchik Trio

Mark Dodge of The Leslie Pintchik Trio drummer blog

Hi there, this is my first blog for Modern Drummer, and I’m excited to talk to everyone about The Leslie Pintchik Trio and our most recent album, Quartets, which is due out October 9th. Leslie Pintchik is a jazz pianist and composer who, along with her husband and bassist Scott Hardy, has been performing in the clubs of New York for over 20 years. I started playing with them in 1998 and had good chemistry from the start. Over the past nine years we’ve developed a strong musical and personal connection, which is captured on the Quartets recording. Leslie and Scott are both tremendously melodic and sensitive musicians who can do many different things, but they stay totally true to their music and sound. It makes my job easy!

We were graced by two special guests in the studio: saxophonist Steve Wilson, and drummer/percussionist Satoshi Takeishi. Steve Wilson is a monster player who’s worked with Chick Corea, Dave Holland, and Maria Schneider, but he remains completely humble, and he took the music to another level.

Satoshi Takeishi, who plays with the Brazilian pianist Eliane Elias, among others, is a totally creative, reactive, and interactive musician who sounds just as good playing the cajon as he does playing the kit. He and I had an immediate hook-up, and he was also so much fun to play with. He used cajon, frame drums, bells, and lots of other little noisemakers that added so much to the music. Advertisement

We have a busy fall, with gigs around New York and our CD release party on November 7 at the Kitano Hotel. For more info, visit and

See you next time!