Ian Mosely of Marillion

drummer Ian Mosely of MarillionAfter spending the past few years writing, recording, and mixing their fourteenth studio album, Marillion is back on the road to let the world hear Somewhere Else. As such, it means a resumption of percussive duties for their long-time drumming great, Ian Mosely.

“The recording of the new album went really well,” Ian reports. “If an album is fun to make, that’s usually a good sign. We used a guy named Mike Hunter to do the production, and his energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on us.”

While listening to the new album, you’ll notice that the drums have a very organic, natural sound and feel to them, as though the songs hadn’t been recorded to a click. “I believe that music should sort of breathe,” Mosely insists, “and they should speed up and slow down a bit. If we used a click, we might speed it up for the chorus, to give it a bit of a kick. If we do use a drum loop or a click when the real drums come in, the loop or the click is knocked out.” Marillion also used a very organic method when writing the songs. “The five of us just go into a studio and jam–that’s how we write. It’s quite an organic process, though sometimes it can be incredibly frustrating.” Advertisement

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