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Tre Cool: Update

Drummer Tre Cool of Greenday on the Cover of Modern Drummer MagazineBy just looking at Tre Cool you can tell there’s a touch of the devil in him. Listening to Warning, the latest collection of tunes he and his Green Day cohorts put out in October, it’s obvious Beelzebub rears his horns once Cool gets behind the kit and the adrenaline starts to surge. Of course, that’s also been obvious since the band’s 1994 major-label debut, Dookie, as well as the 1997 follow-up, Nimrod.

While Cool’s playing has stayed true to his punk roots on such songs as “Castaway” and “Blood, Sex And Booze,” he says this album challenged him. “I had to relearn how to play drums on five different songs,” he admits. “There were beats that I had never played before.” So did he jump into lessons while recording? “No, I just make stuff up.” Ah, such is life in the punk-rock world.


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