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Jason Mackenroth with The Rollins Band and Mother Superior

Drummer Jason Mackenroth with The Rollins Band and Mother SuperiorJason Mackenroth doesn’t seem to understand the term “downtime.” Not only is the drummer simultaneously playing in both The Rollins Band and Mother Superior, he’s playing back to back sets on tour. Sure, The Rollins Band is Mother Superior with Henry Rollins leading the charge. Even so, the first show of the tour was a little rough for the drummer. “There’s that adrenaline that hits when you go on stage,” Mackenroth says. “I was a little nervous, but I got through both sets okay.”

Mackenroth’s previous punk and metal experiences, which are blended into the Rollins gig, are serving him well. “We’re not totally straight-ahead rock,” he says. “We’re not full-out punk rock either. But it has elements of all that in it. I feel like it’s all melded together at this point, because here I am with an icon of punk, and his music has developed the same way.” Jason’s own Rollins Band personal highlights include the tunes “One Shot,” “Up For It,” “Your Number Is One,” and “I Want So Much More” from the band’s latest release, Nice.


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