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Brendan Buckley

Drummer Brendan BuckleyBrendan Buckley is on a roll. Besides touring and recording with South American superstar Shakira, he’s been involved with co-writing and producing her Pepsi commercial and the track “Fool” off her first English multi-platinum CD, Laundry Service.

“One of the cool things about Shakira is that she wanted live drums on every cut of her new record,” Brendan says. Before Shakira, the drummer made the rounds with Latin superstars Julio Iglesias, Fulano de Tal, Pedro Suarez, and Alejandra Guzman. Brendan’s style-hopping r’sum – even includes performing on a Number-1 rap record, DMX’s Great Depression. “DMX was recording down at The Hit Factory in Miami, and he decided that he wanted to use a live band on the track “Blood Line Anthem.” So the producer called me in to play drums over an MPC loop. DMX was a very cool guy and great to work with.”

So what’s next? Brendan hardly seems able to control his enthusiasm. “We’re getting ready to go on a world tour with Shakira.”


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