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Daniel Glass The Century Project Contest from Modern Drummer magazine

Daniel Glass The Century Project

To Celebrate the release of Daniel Glass’s new DVD The Century Project, Modern Drummer and Daniel’s sponsors are teaming up to create “The Contest of The Century.” A retail value over $13,400!

The Century Project: 100 Years of American Music From Behind the Drums (1865-1965)
Daniel Glass’s The Century Project takes you on a journey through 100 years of music history and reveals a side of the drums never before seen. Using vintage drums, rare photos and stellar performances, Daniel traces the drum set from its inception at the end of the Civil War (1865) to the dawn of the British Invasion (1965), showing how the drums evolved hand-in-hand with American pop music.

As a companion to the Century Project, Daniel will also be releasing a secondDVD package: TRAPS: The Incredible Story of Vintage Drums (1865-1965).


Grand Prize:

Drum Workshop
Daniel Glass’s DW Classics Series Custom Shop Outfit
The kit includes a 16×22” bass drum with retro-inspired tom and cymbal mounts, 9×13 and 16×16 toms and matching 6×14” snare drum. The hardware pack includes DW 6000CX (Turbo) single pedal, 6710 straight cymbal stands (3), 6500 hi-hat stand, 6300 snare stand and 9100 throne.

Eon Series cymbals from Crescent Cymbals
The Eon Series marries the two lathing patterns found on the Classic Series and the Primal Series to provide the performer with the brilliance of a classic, lathed cymbal and the dryness of a raw, unlathed cymbal. Prize includes a 20″ ride, 18” and 16″ crashes, and 14″ hi-hats.

Aspire Wood Block with striker and LP mounting bracket and LP Tapon 4″ Black Cowbell and LP 6” sliding bass drum percussion mount.

A set of Aquarian Drumheads
Classic Clear™, Modern Vintage™, and Super-Kick I™.

Vic Firth Sticks and Brushes
A brick of Vic Firth Daniel Glass Century Project’s Personal Custom 5A’s and a pair of Vic Firth Heritage brushes and Legacy brushes.

Ahead Armor Cases
An Ahead Armor Ogio Engineered Hardware Sled, Ahead Armor Cymbal Silo, and a 4-piece set of Ahead Armor Drum Cases.

A custom Century Project bass drum head from

A library of 20 DVD’s plus a one-year subscription to

A set of 6 ounce, (170 grams), warm-up sticks from Power Wrist Builders.

Alfred Music Publishing
A copy of Daniel’s newest DVDs: The Century Project DVDs, TRAPS: The Incredible Story of Vintage Drums (1865-1965), and The Commandments of Early Rhythm &Blues Drummingbook by Daniel Glass and Zoro.

Second Prize:

DW 6000 series hardware package including: a single pedal, hi-hat, snare stand, and two straight cymbal stands; a one-year subscription to and The Century Project DVDs, TRAPS: The Incredible Story of Vintage Drums (1865-1965), and The Commandments of Early Rhythm &Blues Drumming book from Alfred Music Publishing.

Third Prize:

A Vintage Factory Accessory Pack from DW includes a 770 rail mount, 7771 bass drum-mounted cymbal arm, and 2224 clamp-on bass drum hoop spur; a one-year subscription to; The Century Project DVDs, TRAPS: The Incredible Story of Vintage Drums (1865-1965), and Commandments of Early R&B book from Alfred Music Publishing.




  1. spot

    Have you heard these drums live?..Oh crap i love the warm sound and i tried to get Daniel to store them at my place here on the west coast..but he would not give in. Oh well maybe i can have my own set someday.

  2. Tim Blong

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Let Me WIN this because I just stated in a Rock Band / Country/ 50&60s/ Blues Band and this would be the bomb of all things Please let me win Ive never win anyting in my life Please thanks and also monderndrummer book is great.

  3. Michael (Drummer) Kane

    Change the grand prize! lessons for a young Drummer, 4 years, 8 hrs a month. one of the top 500 drummers in the world as the teacher… with a custom 6 piece drum kit. 2nd prize. Evans heads. ( I need 16 replacements every 2 months.there is no way I can afford more than two replacements a year.. plus studio drum heads.. prize? meet Mr. Glass and jam with him, make a recording and upload it to Youtube.. I opt out of the contest when they asked for my address. too much personal information needed.. An Email or Google account is the only information I will submit..nice try guys..have a good day….Michael (Drummer) Kane.

  4. My name is Tony Guidroz. I’ve been a subscriber of Modern Drummer since the early 80’s. I play in three bands currently and am playing a beautiful set of Gretsch currently. I’ve entered several MD contests, but have not won anything, YET! My wife says that this set of Gretsch will be my last set…..hmmmmm….Well, not if you guys have anything to say about it! LOL….In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  5. Wow…what an amazing giveaway! Thanks for hosting this opportunity for someone to own some of the best drum equipment made.

    Happy Holidays to everyone…may this year be everything that you want it to be.
    And remember our men and women serving throughout the world who cannot be home with their loved ones this Christmas.

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  8. Christine Van Orden

    Lovely set up! I am presently playing PDP Platinums, great set but would treasure these. Makes a Grandma want to send a note to Santa! Merry Christmas everyone and Good Luck.
    Chris, Glendale, AZ

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  10. Mickey Walnut

    I’ve noticed a lot of people begging “PLEASE!” to win these drums. Even giving a sad story or reason why they are more deserving of them. Does that really work? If it does I am totally begging to win. But if this is truly a drawing then it’s not going to work. Sorry to sound so cynical folks but all who enter are just as deserving as you or me. And it’s a material thing that none of us need but desire. Keep it real and good luck to ALL who enter.

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