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Listen to the Drumming: Great Tracks From MD’s March 2016 Issue

Our latest Playlist includes tracks from cover artist Barry Kerch and Shinedown, Jellyfish, Spock's Beard, Dixie Dregs, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Vinnie Colaiuta, Savages, Daughter, and more incredible artists featured throughout the pages of the March 2016 issue of Modern Drummer…

Modern Drummer
Feb 4, 2016

The Essence of Progressive Drumming

  by Mike Haid   What is the rhythmic essence of progressive music? What makes prog so different from other genres? Does it require a specific skill set on the drumkit, or does the nature of the music make it…

Modern Drummer
Oct 14, 2014

Jimmy Keegan of Spock’s Beard

  Hey MD kids, Jimmy Keegan here with a short Spock’s Beard update. As some of you may know, Nick D’Virgilio has decided to stay fulltime with Cirque du Soleil’s Totem. If you get the chance, definitely go see it.…

Modern Drummer
Dec 31, 2012

Spock's Beard's Jimmy Keegan

Hey, kids, Jimmy Keegan here. So it was a little over ten years ago that I received a call for a session. The writer/producers were frustrated because they were trying to track some songs for a legendary artist and so…

Modern Drummer
Mar 18, 2010

Nick D'Virgilio

Phil Collins began his successful musical career as the exciting young drummer for an obscure prog band from England called Genesis. He eventually worked his way out from behind the drumkit to center stage as the lead vocalist. As lead…

Modern Drummer
May 12, 2004