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What You Need to Know About...Bass Drum Pedals

This article originally ran in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Drum Business.     by Billy Brennan   At first thought, it might be easy to write off any bass drum pedal as a simple combination of footboard and beater.…

Modern Drummer
Feb 24, 2015

Showroom: DW Personalized Snare Drums

Drum Workshop has recently added a new offering to their line of Collector’s Series snare drums, called Exotic Monogram. Each drum is hand-inlayed with laser-cut exotic wood veneers to comprise a “retro shield” design containing two personal initials. DW executive…

Modern Drummer
Oct 16, 2014

Showroom: DW Direct-Drive Pedal

Drum Workshop recently announced a new division of the company, called DW Manufacturing, that produces high-end, machined products. The first offering is the MDD direct-drive bass drum pedal. MDD project head, Rich Sikra, says, “This pedal is a departure for…

Modern Drummer
Oct 10, 2014

New Highly Adjustable Bass Drum Pedal From Newcomer RKM!

The RKM bass drum pedal is said to allow complete adjustability of both leverage and reach. The cam features a hollow mandrel, which interrupts the pedal shaft and centers the action of the two adjustable arms at the center of…

Modern Drummer
Jun 19, 2014

VIDEO! Product Close-Up: Dixon Cajon Pedal Plus (From the June 2014 Issue)

by Miguel Monroy Wilco’s Glenn Kotche gave an interview in the January 2013 issue of Percussive Notes, in which he cited Max Roach as an influence to his multi-percussion approach to the drumset: “ called drumset the original multicultural and…

Modern Drummer
Jun 2, 2014

Roland DAP-3X V-Drums Accessory Package

The high-performance kick pedal provided in the DAP-3X features an offset-cam chain drive, for smooth action and quick response, as well as an adjustable beater angle. The footboard has an embossed Roland logo that matches the FD-8 hi-hat controller currently…

Modern Drummer
Sep 6, 2012

Alesis Pro X Kick Pedal

  Made for use with acoustic or electronic drumsets, the Pro X Kick pedal has a double-chain-drive system for power and ultra-tight response, a two-sided beater with memory lock, a gearless stroke-length adjustment, a toothless X Cam, and an offset…

Modern Drummer
Jul 19, 2012